How to bring Ukrainian specialists to Estonia?

How to bring Ukrainian specialists to Estonia?

⚠️ Friends, be careful! Do not buy tickets from illegal, little-known carriers who promise to take you
through the territory of Belarus on their own transport, they are not allowed to pass !!! 

Decent, well-known operating legally carriers are aware of this, and since 05.08.2020 canceled flights. Yes, they missed it before that date, but now - no! Not decent entrepreneurs, now they take money from people and take people to the border, and there they already act according to
the situation.

Our contacts for communication regarding the search, selection and registration of documents for
the employment of Ukrainian specialists :

📞  +380967807076, +380502867779 | - Alexandra 
📞  +380679824590, +380502867779 | - Anna 

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In order to cross the Ukrainian-Belarusian border without any problems, we offer you several
working routes that are relevant today:

1. Official Bus Carrier Ecolines 🚍🚍
For example:
We choose the following route: 23/08/2020 - 19:00 - departure.
Duration 28 h 45 min. One transfer.
2408.2020 - 23.45 - arrival of Tallinn ( bus station ).
Ticket price 58 euros
Other options for the Ecoline bus are also not suitable, since they go through Poland, Poland is now
also not allowed in transit (Photo 1). This option is possible for workers with a valid work visa in
hand. In other words, if you have a visa in your passport since August 15, you should take a ticket
no earlier than August 14, since border control will be in place and your employees will not be
allowed to pass by Latvia if the visa has not expired .

2. Belavia ✈️✈️
☝ Flight Kiev - Tallinn by plane, via Belarus, operated by Belavia (Photo 2)
With luggage, the ticket price is about $ 185. Yes, it's expensive, but better than going through
Hungary, as some "carriers" offer for 200-300 euros.
And most importantly, a valid work permit (LTR) is enough for you

📈📉 This information is relevant as of 13/08/2020, everything is changing, we will try to keep you updated
with the latest and most relevant information. If you are traveling through the Republic of Belarus in
another way, for example, by personal transport, you can clarify information about crossing the
border between Ukraine and Belarus by calling the hotline :

State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus
+375 17 216 26 12 

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